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Seeing Lines - Understanding Fine Art Architectural Photography from Conception to Completion

In this presentation Sharon will be sharing her creative process and workflow.  Through the example of her award-winning Sundial Bridge Images, Sharon will walk you through the three steps of her work process, pre- vision, in camera capture and post production.  Sharon will show you what she sees though her ‘mind’s eye’ and how she approaches a subject. 

You will learn throughout this presentation, how to align your inner vision with your photography to create not just beautiful images that comply to form and light, but rather images that have artistic vision.  Additionally, Sharon will talk about the importance of having a series of images that tell a story. How to complement images in a series and not have redundancies.

Students can expect to walk away with a new paradigm to creating fine art architectural photography.  They will learn how to create images with intent and vision.  From developing the conception of an idea to the post processing principles that will convey their vision.

Earlier Event: October 7
Burnaby Photographic Society
Later Event: October 27
Unique Photo