Brushed Aluminium

When printing on brushed aluminium there will be no white ink on the image. It will be the silver natural material that will replace any white areas. This is due to the fact that there no white ink. When you see pure white in a photograph, you are actually seeing the paper. Additionally, due to the 'brushed' nature, the aluminum panel will have texture that adds depth and radiation of light to the image.

This medium is most complementary in architectural images displayed in well lit areas.

brushed silver.jpg
Brushed Aluminium
1:1 Ratio 12X12'' $275
24X24'' $575
36X36'' $875
1:1.5 Ratio 16X24'' $450
24X36'' $550
36X54'' $1,600
1:2 Ratio 12X24'' $385
18X36'' $660
24X48'' $1,050
1:3 Ratio 12X36'' $500
18X54'' $900
24X72'' $1,500
1:4 Ratio 12X48'' $600
18X72'' $1,200
24X96'' $1,900