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How Can the Photographer's Guide to Vancouver Help You?

The App works 100% offline so you don’t need to pay any roaming fees while traveling!

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Save you time and effort

You’re on vacation and time is short. How do you know where all the good locations are? Let’s face it, all of us would rather be in front of the camera rather than wasting time hunting for those unique or iconic locations.

Photosnug has teamed up with professional and award-winning photographer Sharon Tenenbaum to find not only the famous spots, but lesser known locations as well. The Photographer’s Guide to Vancouver contains 30 fantastic photographic locations ensuring you a successful photo shoot throughout Vancouver and its surrounding areas.

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Interactive Map

All locations are pin pointed on an interactive map. Tap on a pin or scroll through the list of locations to find your next spot. We even tell you how far you are from it so you don't get confused as to what locations you've already been to, you can mark any locations as "Seen".

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Location Details

For each location with the Photographer's Guide to Vancouver, Sharon has provided detailed notes as to what to look for, best time of the day for the shoot and even types of lenses you should use.

Press the Directions button and we'll let your phone provide you with turn by turn guidance.

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Full Directions

Ever tried to enter GPS coordinates into Google Maps or your car’s GPS? It’s impossible. With Photograph Vancouver, we let your phone guide you to your next location. Simply press the Directions button on the details screen and voila! Automated turn by turn guidance!

How to get the Photographer’s Guide to Vancouver

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