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Taking Your Images from Good to Great 

This course will start by exploring the fundamental principles of composition and artistic vision through colour, light and form to express a statement. Throughout the course students will learn how to align their inner vision of artistic expression with the resulting image.  We will explore the ways in which single images, cohesive bodies, or any other combination of images to 'tells a story’.  Students will be exposed to a variety of different photography styles and genres. This will help in stimulating the creative juices and provide a platform in which participants can be inspired to adopt and continue the artistic journey with their own voice. By the end of the course students will learn how to write a vision statement describing the intension of their work.

The course structure will be in class image guidelines and photo critique, however, students will be required to submit images taken during their free time. We will be covering a few post processing principles in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

For maximum benefit of the course, it is recommended to have basic knowledge in Photoshop (Layers, Masks and Selections) as taught in Sharon’s Basic Photoshop Workshop.

For some classes students will be required to bring a laptop (with Photoshop) for hands on practice.

Limited to 10 Participants

6 Weeks Wednesday 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm Total 15 hours

Price $225 CAD

Wednesdays Starting February 6, 2019


Portfolio Review Course Outline

Week 1: Introductory to Fine Art Photography

  • How to align your inner vision with your photographic outcome.

  • What does it mean ‘To Tell a Story’?  Applying the photographic tools to Tell a Story.

  • Colour vs. Black and White

  •  Story through a series or through a body of work.

  •  Introduction to the Vision Statement. 

  • Assignment for next class 2 submissions:

    o  Colour as an emotion

    o  Single image that tells a story

Week 2: Colour vs. Black and White

We will explore the power and emotion that a colour image conveys as opposed to the purity of form in a black and white image.  When would it be best to convert an image to black and white and what message does it convey.

  •  Seeing in Black and White vs. Colour

  •  The power of form in B&W Photography

  •  Assignment for next class 2 submissions: Form (black and white)

Week 3: Less is More

Learning how to simplify your composition to the few relevant elements that tell your story.  Using framing to create negative space, abstract or emphasis.

  •  Abstract Architectural Photography

  •  Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)

  • Assignment for next class submission: Simplicity

Week 4: Creating a Body of Work

We will study different types of series, a linear story as opposed to a cohesive body of work and how to avoid repetition and redundancy. Additionally, we will see how to construct a vision statement that conveys the concepts of the series.

  •  Assignment for finalclass submission: Series of 6 images accompanied by a vision statement

Week 5: Various Bodies or Work and Post Processing Techniques

  •  Overview of creating ‘Cubism’ like images through stacking/multiple exposure

  • Surrealism Photography

  • Bike Art Photography

  • Multi Media Techniques

  • No assignment, keep working on your final series submission.

Week 6: Image Reviews and Discussion

This class will be dedicated entirely to image reviews.  Students will read their vision statement and present their submission followed by constructive critique.


Location: 3131 Ketcheson Road, Richmond

3131 Ketcheson Road (near No. 3 Rd. and Sea Island Way). If you are using a GPS to get here, please don’t use the car GPS as the building is new and not always updated. However, it is on Google Maps.


By Car: Street parking can be challenging. There is a parking lot on the corner of Sexsmith and Capstan (one block away).

By Skytrain: take the Canada Line (either to YVR or Brighouse)and get off at Bridgeport Station and just walk along the same side of the street as the skytrain station (west) on Great Canadian Way which turns into Garden City Rd. Once you cross Sea island Way, there is a pedestrian path on your right (West) leading you into the building complex. The walk should take 7-10 minutes.