Best Seller eBook:

How to Create Long Exposure Fine Art Photography

From International Award Winning photographer Sharon Tenenbaum, an E-book that explains and walks you through the basic steps in creating magnificent LONG EXPOSURE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY. This photography technique will elevate your photography from snap shots to fine art.  A comprehensive ebook that guides you through the steps or artistic vision as well as step-by-step detailed post processing examples – Shoot Like the Pros!

Best Seller eBook:

Left & Right Brain. A photographer's understanding of how these mindsets affect our visual interpretation of Art.

What differentiates Good from Great Art? What gives some images that extra superior edge in comparison to all the rest. What is going on in our subconscious mind when we look at these images?

This book will discuss how the two sides of the brain see the world differently and interpret the visual world, and most importantly:



How to Create Award Winning Fine Art Photography

Teaching you the Creative Method so you can master it yourself rather than just learning a tool.

Creating a Series of images rather than a one shot.

Learn how to see with LINES.

Developing Vision

Post Processing of all three 1st Place 2013 Sundial Bridge Images.

Long Exposure + Still Photography


3 Part Tutorial Series of how to create Long Exposure + Still Photography to take your Long Exposure photography to new heights.  Enough with the same old seascapes or landscapes, it seems that these days everyone learning L.E. is repeating the same thing.