How to Create Long Exposure Fine Art Photography


From International Award Winning photographer Sharon Tenenbaum, an E-book that explains and walks you through the basic steps in creating magnificent LONG EXPOSURE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY. This photography technique is nowhere else to be found in a book – Shoot Like the Pros!

An easy-to-read E-Book that will provide you with the basic background information in photography, so no matter what stage of knowledge you are at, you will be able to catch up and create fine art photography. The E-book provides hands on examples that will walk you through every step of the photography and post processing.

$34.95 USD

NEW 2nd Edition - 155 PAGES!

With more Before and After examples and a NEW Chapter on Art Tips.

Sharon Tenenbaum is an award winning photographer from Vancouver specialized in long-exposure fine-art photography. A wonderful emerging talent who has earned my respect and admiration. Especially since she has some superb bridge photos in her portfolio that I’m really envious of and also because she wrote a great book on long exposure fine-art photography. It’s very well written, informative and so easy to read.

If you want to learn all about long exposure photography, then don’t bother reading my articles anymore, Sharon’s book is so much better!
— Joel Tjintjelaar, Creative Director at

$34.95 USD

I have been wanting to learn the technique of long exposure photography (daytime photos with exposures more than 30 sec) but didn’t understand how to calculate exposure times and wasn’t sure about which Neutral Density filters to use, as well as a few other details. This book is comprehensive and covers everything imaginable on this topic as well as providing many inspirational photos to get you motivated.
The information is well organized and well illustrated. Illustrations include graphics which are exceptionally well done and many of the author’s own photos. The book begins with an overview and then the basics of exposure. The third chapter, which deals with gear required and how to determine the appropriate exposure, is the heart of the book. It left me feeling full prepared to go out and get started. It also leaves no questions about the filters you will need and the various combinations in which to use them. Included is a handy chart to carry with you for calculating exposures in the field. The fourth chapter offers an in depth review of the histogram and how this tool helps you evaluate your exposures properly. The final chapter discusses post processing of the files, which again is well illustrated with photos and screen captures of the Photoshop steps suggested.

While it does seem expensive for an ebook, it is a lot less than taking a workshop. All I need to do now is grab the camera and get busy making my own long exposure photos.
— Dennis Ducklow, Langley, BC
Do you want to take photographs that make your friends ask, “How did you do that?” Sharon Tenenbaum’s book on fine art photography reveals step-by-step techniques that won her multiple awards. Her method will help you create novel images that contrast the fluid movement of clouds or water with a static, fixed, immovable object. The combination is powerful I bought her book, followed her guidance, and now produce pictures that impress.
Sharon’s book added a new dimension to my photography.
— Paul Kincaid-Smith, Denver, Colorado

$34.95 USD