As a photography student taking many courses in my degree the most impactful were those taught by Sharon. What insight beyond course outline Sharon has shared with us. It helped open my mind to view in another way based on all of her experiences. Sharon gives it all.
— Han Lee, former student

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From seascapes to cityscapes, the city of Vancouver will take your breath away! 
Capture spectacular images in the world's most photogenic city during this 3 day workshop.
Learn to create Fine Art Images from International Award Winning Photographer Sharon Tenenbaum. 


Instructed by Sharon Tenenbaum. Registration is now OPEN!

The perfect 6 hours workshop for BASIC or INTERMEDIATE.

The Basic Workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of Photoshop. So by the time you enter start any of my Photography Workshops, you are up to speed and gain maximum benefit from the Post Processing techniques. These Photoshop Workshops are also valuable as a stand alone to enhance your existing images.

The Intermediate will take your post processing skills to the next level to transform your images from Good to GREAT!

Participants must bring their own laptop with a Photoshop installed (no need to have the latest version)



Expand your photography and post processing skills to artistic ‘Cubism’ like images. This technique is suitable for a wide variety of subject matter: trees, structures or even people. Join Sharon for a one day theory and hands on workshop that will leave you with the skills to create artistic images of your own.

Instructed by Sharon Tenenbaum. Registration is now OPEN!