Sharon’s workshop reminded me of the Japanese proverb: “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”. The workshop was inspiring, and further inflamed my passion to become proficient in PS, to control and even create light and shadow. After your workshop, I’m excited and inspired to spade deeper into how to present an original, personalized, new reality called Fine Art.
— Samuel Blair
I have never met a Photography Instructor quite like Sharon!  I’ve taken two of her Photography classes at Langara College; The Long Exposure and Fine Art Photography  Curses.   Her instruction was, very detailed, clear, direct and informative.  I came into these two classes with very high expectations and came out completely satisfied.  I can say without a doubt that Sharon helped me take my photography to the next level.
— Jack Vainer
As a photography student taking many courses in my degree the most impactful were those taught by Sharon. What insight beyond course outline Sharon has shared with us. It helped open my mind to view in another way based on all of her experiences. Sharon gives it all.
— Han Lee
As an international award-winning professional photographer, Sharon is strongly committed to teach her earned knowledge to others. I spent four days under her instruction in late 2012, and her willingness and passion to download her impressive knowledge upon me was phenomenal. She forever improved how I look at fine art photography, and perhaps more importantly, the quality of my fine art images. Never suggesting her own style upon me, Sharon helped me see/define my own style and to take that style through into the highest quality image that I can make. Always happy and smiling when answering my questions, or looking at my work, or being there when I need her sets Sharon apart from most others. Add that Sharon is pure fun to be around and to feed off of her love of photography I know that I will never go wrong participating in her classes and tutorials in the near future.
—  Mabry Campbell
Sharon is a highly gifted and passionate artist. She is so eager to share her knowledge and experience with her students. After working with her, I came away with a renewed passion for my one true love – photography. I have won shows and sold art from the pictures I made during the workshop with her. If you want to improve your technical & creative skills, I would strongly recommend that you grab any opportunity to work with Sharon.
—  Sandra Canning
I had attended two photography courses, Fine Art and Long Exposure Photography with Sharon. She is one of the best instructors offering us a lot of information without any reservations. Both courses were real valuable to me. It also widened my vision towards fine art and long exposure photography. Sharon is really really really ......good instructor and both courses were very well structured and informative. 
If Sharon offers more new course, please let me know and I will definitely support!
— Bennet Mac
When viewing Sharon’s photography, you get the sense that you are right there beside her as if experiencing the moment with her and sharing a laugh, a conversation, and a shared love of what makes photography a fine pursuit for the soul. Although her talents for composition, perspective-taking, and story-telling are quite apparent the instant you glance her photos, there is a deeper sense that her vision as an accomplished photographer is adaptable to any journey but forever united with a lightness of being when she contemplates the world and her next shot. Her passion for her art is both poetic and palpable.
— John Kosmopoulos