Sea to Sky Panoramas



Sea to Sky - Life

Artist Statement - Sea to Sky

Photography typically eliminates the continuous dimension of time.  A frozen moment in time can only hope to be timeless.  However, daytime long exposure photography offers the two-dimensional image a greater chance of immortality as time is literally being stretched.

In this portfolio of work I wanted to enlarge the spectrum of time in contrast with two dimensional moments by combining a long exposure with a still shot.  The long exposure emotes the flow of time, which provides the isolated still shot a timeless context beyond the mechanics of boats, cameras, and eyeballs to tell a bigger story.  A story that celebrates the ability to translate a subtle conception with limited visual tools.

I enjoy searching and finding novel ways to communicate concepts, to open people’s eyes to seeing something differently.  Just like whenever someone points out to you something you have never considered or realized before it makes you slightly more aware. It makes you grow.  For me there is no better purpose in life than becoming and sharing constant growth and change.


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