Photo Mounted on Aluminium

The actual paper print is mounted onto a 3mm aluminium disband base and coated with e UV proceed seal. The image will look exactly as if it were printed on photo paper, yet will not require framing as the aluminium mount gives it a clean elegant look that sits almost flush to the wall.

Diabond Corner Detail.jpg
Photo Mounted on Aluminium
1:1 Ratio 12X12'' $155
24X24'' $400
36X36'' $825
1:1.5 Ratio 16X24'' $300
24X36'' $600
36X54'' $1,300
1:2 Ratio 12X24'' $250
18X36'' $400
24X48'' $850
1:3 Ratio 12X36'' $400
18X54'' $850
24X72'' $1,500
1:4 Ratio 12X48'' $600
18X72'' $1,300
24X96'' $1,900